The “State of Implementation” Progress Report (SIPREP)

The “State of Implementation” Progress Report (SIPREP) has been developed by a team of implementation researchers based in Indianapolis, IN as part of their ongoing work within the Veterans Health Administration.  The SIPREP offers a new systemic approach to map the implementation work required at different stages and to provide ongoing, detailed and nuanced feedback about implementation progress.  It represents a “navigation system” to guide and inform ongoing implementation within and across facilities; addresses different needs of different audiences; both describes and explains how to implement the program; makes ample use of visualizations; and reveals both what is happening and is not happening within and across sites.  The SIPREP makes the work of implementation explicit at the facility level (i.e., who does what, and when) and offers a common frame of reference for all stakeholders to monitor implementation progress and keep implementation moving forward.  

The SIPREP app is freely available for anyone to use.  If you would like to request access, please contact [email protected]